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Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Thanks for checking me out! Here's a little bit on me, and why I'm taking this journey.

FitFatFoodie has been a thought for some time. It's one of those ideas that just keeps coming back, no matter how far I try to bury it in my "one day" pile. But, somehow, the idea just keep rearing its head. As I'm writing this post, I'm laughing to myself, because of all times, this is not the "easiest" time to start something new. But I'm learning to adopt the philosophy of Start Before You're Ready. So lets do this!

What to Expect

“Start before you're ready.

Good things happen when we start before we're ready.” - Steven Pressfield

We're going on this journey together!

I plan to share a little this and that, and hope to keep you along for the ride.


I've been in the fitness & wellness field now for, I can't believe this, but 17 years! I started teaching group exercise classes when in college because, quite honestly, my free time was limited, I tried to workout almost daily, I needed a little income, so why not get paid to workout? I started teaching at the campus wellness center (picture the headset microphone) to faculty, staff and students to really large groups of people! I taught everything from Butt & Gut, Muscle Pump to Spinning and Stretch & Flex (are those classes anymore?!). But I really got serious about fitness when I got trained in Pilates Mat and then decided to get fully certified on all the Pilates apparatus. Fast forward a few degrees later (which are not exactly related to what I do now), and a few different job positions, I decided to open up Conscious Movement, a Pilates studio in sunny Miami back in 2013. It was truly my first baby (after my dog, of course), and also one of my greatest lessons. So, many of the workouts I will feature incorporate Pilates, in addition to other forms of movement. I also run, typically with a kid in tow, climb my way to nowhere on the stair master when it's raining, sneak in an occasional yoga or dance class, or do random stuff in my house with the kids.

I just like to move, and will share ideas with you!


“People who love to eat are always the best people.” -Julia Child

So, I recognize that Julia was biased, but honestly, this is me ALL DAY! The way to my heart is ALWAYS through my belly. I sincerely love food, and I like to eat WELL. I like to visit the newest restaurants, try all types of cuisine, and experiment with new recipes. As a fit pro, I'm also big on incorporating as many whole foods into my cooking as possible, and finding ways to clean up certain recipes that I enjoy. The name FitFatFoodie really comes from my "just eat the cake" philosophy. Everything in moderation, including moderation, right? I'm not a fad dieter, eat dessert when I please, and believe that treating food as pleasurable fuel will treat the body right. I plan to share some of my own recipe tweaks, healthy food prep for my kids and experiment with new foods with you here!


I'm a mama to two young children (currently 3 years old & 6 months), and these two nuggets have truly rocked my world! As a mompreneur, there is a constant battle on how much to put into my business, and how much time to really spend with my babies. There is NO perfect ratio; EVERY.SINGLE.DAY is different. But there some things I've learned, especially now with the second kid, that I have found helpful and want to share with you.

Thank you for reading this and visiting this budding blog. I look forward to sharing with you!

Cheers to an (un)balanced life,


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