Fit-Tips | Essentials for a Simple Outdoor Workout with the Kid

Multi-tasking feels like it's my lifestyle, at least for this season in my life. Give me a good 2 for 1 (sometimes 3 for 1!) activity where it's a real baby AND mama win, and you're speaking my love language! As a Miami mama, I take FULL advantage of the outdoors, and whether it's in the front yard or at a nearby park, I always have a few items on hand in case I can drop it and squat it while the mini gets some tummy time. Also great for my indoor mamas to do right in your living rooms.

For Mama:

  • Resistance-band: I have a bunch of different sizes, but to keep it simple, go for a medium sized loop that can be used for lower and upper body. These resistance loops can be found on Amazon. My favorite loop (not shown here) is a bit more heavy duty, made of fabric, but I like it because it won't roll/slide up your leg like a wet swimsuit.

  • Light Handweights: 3-lbs or 5-lbs...or both! I like to take 1 set with me in the stroller, even when going out for a walk.

  • Water: So you don't pass out. The baby needs you

For Baby:

  • Water-proof Blanket: My mom gifted me with this go everywhere blanket and I love it! It stays in my car and goes to the park, beach and sometimes indoors when I'm suspicious of the floor. It's easily wiped down after a serious drool-a-thon or unknown bodily fluid leaks everywhere. It can take a beating. I like this one from JJ Cole.

  • Noise-maker: Sometimes the baby gets bored of your singing and the sound of birds. These "crunchy soft books," not the official name, are great for chewing and as distractions. They are also waterproof and washable. I like this multi-pack of infant soft books because I can leave one in the car, bath, stroller, crib...wherever! The soft book pictured above is also great and her favorite because of various textures! In the picture, she's also holding this Baby Einstein Take Along Musical Tunes toy she inherited from Big Brother, definitely a favorite as it play non-annoying short classical songs. I'm not sure I've seen so many positive reviews as this toy has, goodness!

  • Soother: Pacifer (or tee-tee here in Miami...or mute-button as my husband affectionately calls them), or favorite lovie or soother will do. You can't go wrong with the famous WubbaNub soft toy/pacifier. Seriously, why couldn't I have invented this?!

Keep it simple and as light weight as've got this!

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