5 Tips for Workout Success with Kids

1. Have a Workout Plan Ready To Go & Be Flexible with Time

Just like any other appointments or plans for the day, I’ve found that having an exercise plan ready to go in my head helps me incorporate it into the day. However, the REAL key is to be flexible on WHEN it may happen. Sure, I’d ideally wake up and have a sweat session first thing in the morning, but that rarely ever happens. Most likely, it happens after the kids eat breakfast, when they are taking a nap, or late afternoon prior to dinner when they are playing independently. The circumstances may not be ideal, but a flexible mindset helps get it done! Also, have a few workouts ready to go. Consider: a few pre-written workouts, try a fitness app with various workout options, or create a YouTube fitness playlist.

2. Keep Your Workout Gear in the Same Space For Easy Access

If your mat, weights, bands or whatever you use are in the same space, this helps cut down on set up time when you do have that small window of time. Working out with a stroller? Keep your stroller by the door or in open mode, if space allows, so you can just go when needed. The less set up needed, the more likely you’ll get your sweat on!

3. Workout Around the Kids’ Stuff or Go Armed with Their Gear

Happy babies, happy mama, right? If working out at home, I’ve found that getting a snack ready (somehow they are always starving when I’m doing something!?), and working out around their toys and activities has led to more success. Sweating outside in the yard or in the park? Take a bag of noise makers, snacks and maybe a Bluetooth speaker (SEE PREVIOUS POST LINK) to play their favorite playlist, or kids stories for them to hear while you’re in the zone. This also works well for stroller runs.’

4. Aim for a Short Workout...Get Excited If Longer

The length of the workout very well may depend on the age of your kids. But in general, I get my head ready for 25 minutes with a HIIT/weights/mat workout, but am thrilled if the kids are content and I can go for 45 minutes. I feel like I succeeded when the expectations aren’t set too high.

5. Be Okay With Plans Shifting

This is my best piece of advice. Things happen. Kids have needs. However, if you prioritize fitness time for you, and just plan for it to happen whenever it does, you’ll feel less stressed, and more productive. Don’t beat yourself up; get it in when it fits!

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