So I kind of consider myself a great contradiction...which is where the idea of FitFatFoodie came to be born! I'm a fitness professional by training, so I love all things movement, and believe in living a healthy lifestyle. But I'm also a seeker of pleasure. I love food. My eyes light up and my heart literally skips a beat when I try a new flavor, or experience an old favorite that sets my tastebuds on fire. I've never counted calories. I don't believe in weighing or measuring myself...but I do believe in moving more often than not and finding ways to do it with pleasure. To me, it's the (un)balance of it all that makes life so good.

Oh, and I'm a wife, and mama to two beautiful humans that inspire me to be better...and cook more often! I'm a proud fitpreneur/mompreneur and the juggling act is real!

Thank you for checking me out!